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Ask yourself this question. 

Do we have to be humans forever?

Consciousness is exhausted.
Back now to inorganic matter.
This is what we want.
We want to be stones in a field.

In the realm of cyberspace,
artificial intelligences (AIs)
are the true natives, not humans.

This project—a hybrid of
design fiction, experiential virtual reality, scientific research,

—aims to reshape our understanding
of the near-term digital future.

It views this future from the
perspective of speculative AI-based artificial “life” inhabiting in the blockchain-based artificial “nature”.

It contests the philosophical definitions of “nature” and “life”, and questions humans' pursuit for “artificialized eternity”.

Fictional Design on Artificial “Life”
Historical Perspective

Chapter 3
Towards the Origin of Zoe

3rd Person
Multiple Perspective

Chapter 1
On the Suicide of Zoe

1st Person
Subjective Perspective

Chapter 2
Through the Eye of Zoe


Scientific Research for Artificial “Nature”

Planetary-scale Computing Negastructure

We begin by examining the evolution of current blockchain technology into what philosopher Benjamin Bratton termed a "planetary-scale computing megastructure," potentially considered as a new kind of “nature”

Blockchain as Artificialized Nature

Artifacts are categorized into three tiers: tools, machines, and what we term "artificialized nature". Friedrich Engels distinguishes between tools, which are devices directly manipulated by humans to perform tasks, and machines, which operate independently of human labor but under human supervision. 

Blockchain-based computation, with its inherent cryptographic core, is neither a mere tool nor a typical machine. Rather, it's an autonomous, perpetual, unstoppable, and indelible complex living system, akin to nature itself, that no single entity can control or stop.
Emergence of Artificial Life Forms

We argue that true intelligence emerges spontaneously, not from deliberate design or engineering. This new “nature” could potentially foster the development of self-sovereign, self-sustaining, and self-replicating AI agents, paving the way for the emergence of artificial life forms.

Blockchain as Unstoppable “Nature” for the Potential Emergence of Artificial Life

Our scientific findings are encapsulated in a peer-reviewed research paper titled "Blockchain as Unstoppable ‘Nature’ for the Potential Emergence of Artificial Life."